This is a teaching from Supreme Matriarch Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim

3,951. April 4, 2003. Yong Ho San Dharma Sah

Human energy is always connected with nature energy. So according to ones individual karma, one comes into this world and lives his life according to this karma. However, with practice, one eliminates his individual negative karma and, as a result, one lives a better life and can really attain true happiness life after life.

There is a second karma, which determines the place where one is born. But more important than ones place of birth is where one grows up and ones place of living. If where one grows up is a good energy place, which means it is a good feng shui place, then one becomes a better human being than one would have become if he had only his own karma to go by. That is why from ancient time people always look for the good energy place, because when they live there, their body and mind are comfortable and with their good actions they can eliminate past and present karma.

Wherever I go, I look at the feng shui of the place or country. Of course every place is different. Even in the Hawaiian Islands the energy is different between islands. For example, when we compare Honolulu with Hilo, which is where our monastery is, their energies are different. Honolulu energy is much more like competition energy. In Honolulu, there are many different mountains, and they are all poky shaped. In Hilo, where our monastery is, there are only very few, very high and very round mountains, which are spiritually very strong mountains. Even non-practitioners know that the Big Island, where Hilo is, is the most strong spiritual island. That is why from ancient times, practitioners usually go to such high mountains and there they practice to become clear.

Because of the present world situation, I have been asked to help Honolulu’s well being. That is why today I came to Honolulu to bless and to balance the energy here. Even in Honolulu, there are good and bad energy places. For example, whenever young people come to study in our Honolulu temple, they all study very well and become honor students. Even if one lives in a not so good energy place, if the energy of that place can be balanced, then the people who live there will benefit. That is why from ten years ago, because I was so often being asked by people to balance the energy of their house or working place, I started making the energy spiritual writing paintings. These paintings balance the place where they are and balance the people’s energy and benefit their individual karma and their lives, so that they can attain clarity and prosperity and receive help to go on the path of truth.

Bodhisattva with lion and tiger