About the Art

Dae Poep Sa Nim’s paintings cannot be considered as ordinary artistic paintings because in each one is a spiritual writing with very special energy. Each picture is created from her enlightened mind, from the place of absolute clarity and truth, and is for a specific purpose.

Their divine penetration power and beauty is a great benefit for its owner and his/her family, and will be so generation after generation. Indeed, the reason she paints them is for the benefit and help people receive through them. They help people attain the truth, to be healed, to be protected, to have prosperity, to be tranquil, to foster beautiful and correct relationships, etc.

Dae Poep Sa Nim said that having one of these paintings is like having a temple and energy center in one’s home. The energy and blessings which she puts into each painting help to balance one’s mental and physical energy, so one can become clear, and go in a correct and positive direction.

Example 1: Buddha with animals

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